英语作文;my dream trip

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my dream tripWhy do people travel,well,many people travel because they want to see other counties and visit places that are famous ,interesting or beautiful,I have no exception,I also dream to travel to meet new friends,to try new kinds of food,I dream of visiting all around the world ,to experience life in other parts of the world,Live with them and knowing how they live,what they drinkand eat,I dream to see the mountains,the sea,the river and the forest



During the period of holding the World Expo in Shanghai, tens of thousands of citizens are participating in volunteer work, hoping to devote themselves to the grand occasion. As far as I am concerned, everyone ought to enter for it. Here are the reasons I want to mention.
It can be argued that the advantages of doing unpaid volunteer work are enormous, because volunteer work is actually a two-way street. First of all,volunteer work should always benefit people who need help. Those who need help will feel happier due to our immediate help. On the other hand, as far as the young people ourselves are concerned, we have more opportunities to develop the sense of responsibility, independence as well as interpersonal skills in the process of helping others.
Through this kind of work, we become confident and mature. In addition, we can make many friends and increase our chances of getting the jobs of our dreams. Furthermore, volunteer work plays an active role in building up a harmonious society.
In a word, compared with the merits of volunteer work offered by the young adults, the demerits of that are just a few though they cannot be overlooked. The youth volunteers do make a difference by the voluntary work! Why not join them and do something for our country?

2.你班将组队参加学校组织的集体舞比赛(group dancing competition),班长希望大家积极参与。对此谈谈你的想法。
 你是否会参加比赛
 你做出该决定的具体理由
Version 1:
A group dancing competition will be held in our school and the monitor calls on everybody to take an active part in it. While most of my classmates are still hesitating whether to participate, I have said yes to our monitor with great pleasure.
Generally speaking, there are two reasons for my decision. First, it is a good opportunity for me to relax myself, which will enable me to study more efficiently. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so goes the saying, which clearly shows us the importance of relaxation. Besides, I think I am a good dancer after learning dance for more than five years. Participating in the contest will be a golden chance for me to show my dancing skills and make some contributions to the class.
For the two reasons mentioned above, it is no surprise that I have such a strong enthusiasm on the group dancing competition.


1.以“诚实是美德”(Honesty Is a Virtue)为题写一篇短文。短文的内容需包括:
1. 列举社会上的某些不诚实行为
2. 谈谈你对对不诚实行为的看法
3. 议论一下“诚实是美德”
What is honesty? Honesty means speaking the truth and being fair and upright in act. Considered a virtue, honesty is admired in every country and every culture.
However, there are still some dishonest people living in this world. Some people try to take advantage of other people whenever they can. Some businessmen are not always honest in their dealings. Some students are caught cheating over exams and punished to leave school. Some newspapers carry some untrue news just in order to attract more readers.
Actually, being dishonest is generally looked upon as an evil, and is despised and condemned by the society. But being an honest person, we can benefit a lot. First, we can have s peaceful life, for we will not have the burden of remembering every lie we have told. Second, being an honest person, we can be trusted by other people and have more friends, which will do good to our lives.
I do believe honesty is a virtue which is the only key to open the door to the success in our careers and lives.
So let’s be honest and make this world more beautiful.


1.你校在为一批来自加拿大的交流学生(exchange students) 征寻为期两周的住宿家庭。假定你叫李宏,写一封信给校长申请接待加拿大交流学生。信的内容需包括:
1. 说明你申请的理由
2. 你家所具备的接待条件

Dear Principal,
My name is Li Hong and I’m a senior three student. I have learned that our school is seeking some students’ families which can offer proper two-week accommodations for exchange students from Canada. I think my family meets the requirements.
In order to improve my oral English, I have been looking for the opportunity to communicate with native speakers of English. Receiving exchange students is a wonderful chance for me.
My parents and I are now living in a flat with three bedrooms and two living rooms. So we have a spare room for one or two exchange students. My mother is a warn-hearted woman who likes kids very much and is quite good at cooking. We will prepare a lot of delicious traditional Chinese food for the exchange students and I’ll show them my collections of stamps and coins. And we will also chat with them about the different cultures and customs of the two countries.
I believe they will have a good time in my family and hope that you will give me the chance.
I’d appreciate it if you could consider my application.
Sincerely Yours
Li Hong

My mother is always the one I respect most. She is the first guide of my life, and the pillar of our family.
Once in my childhood, I desired so much to look beautiful. Mother told me, Vanity is a crime. Beauty is only skin-deep. She then bought me lots of interesting books, from fairy tales to collections of essays. From time to time, she took me to travel with her in the country and open my eyes to so many new things, which I would not have otherwise seen.
Mother devotes most of her time and energy to our family. Immediately after coming back from work every work,she keeps herself busy around the apartment, cleaning, washing and cooking. Our happiness is her greatest joy; our achievements are her greatest pride. We can never forget how bravely she acted the day Grandma passed away.
My respect for Mother grows with time. She is my most beloved person in the world.

The picture above shows that a junior school student is working assiduously late in the midnight while his mother is bringing in some snack so as to urge him to study harder.
It goes without saying that the students nowadays are under a tremendous burden on their studies. All the parents have become a great drain on both the parents and the students’energies.
As the saying goes, “ All roads lead to Rome.” Being admitted to a famous university is not the only access to a promising future. Nor does it necessarily mean a successful life. Also, working hard is not equal to exerting oneself round the clock. In the meantime, parents should pay more attention to their children’s abilities rather than their grades.
I firmly believe that through mutual efforts and understanding, the parents and students will lead a more colourful life


面对中学生“出国热”,社会对此有不同的看法。请你以Studying Abroad为题,根据以下提供的信息,谈谈自己的看法。

Advantages disadvantages
1.良好的语言环境,更利于预言学习。2.拓宽视野,学习国外先进的科学技术。3.传播各民族间的不同文化。 1.年纪小,缺乏生活经验,自立能力差。2.情感孤独,思乡。3.生活学习费用高。
In recent years, studying abroad has been popular.Tens of thousands of Chinese students have gone to foreign countries to study.Many people are trying their best to apply to apply to go abroad.
There are many advantages in attending schools abroad.First, students who have studied abroad can act as mediators between people of different cultures.Second, we can learn much more advanced knowledge of science and technology from foreign countries.Third, we can learn much foreign languages more quickly.
However, there are some disadvantages.Most of the students are too young to live alone without any living experience.Besides, being far away from their home country, they may feel lonely and homesick.Also, of course, the costs are much higher there than at home.In spite of theses, advantages are more than disadvantages.In my opinion, it is advisable to attend schools abroad.

How to….
How to Narrow the Generation Gap
As we approach adulthood, we often find that we think differently from our parents on a number of issues. Such differences are called generation gap. Some people argue that the gap is enviable, but I hold the opinion the gap can be narrowed if both our parents and we try.
First of all, we should often communicate with our parents. We can tell them what we are thinking of, what we are worried about, or what we are puzzled at.
At the same time, parents should have tolerance of our imperfection. As is known to all, no one can avoid making mistakes and no one can always get the best results.
Last but not least, parents and we should respect each other. Thus, the family will live in harmony and thrive.
In brief, if parents and we can do what have been mentioned above, generation gap can be undoubtedly narrowed.