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1. 旅游的英文作文怎么写 I have been to BeiJing for a travel. it was a great journey! we have went to see the Imperial Palace and the great wall and them let me feel that I was proud to be a Chinese.

the Imperial Palace noted the history. there were many antiques which we could espy the great culture .

from the great wall,it was a well-known wonder in the world.it is made of big stones which was too heavy to bring even uesing it to buil a construction

2. 一张旅游照片的介绍 英语小作文 My fevorite photo

This is one of my fevorite photo.It is a photo of me and my mother.

I went to Beijing on vacation last summer. Beijing is a very beautiful place .Many people in the world went there for travelling every year .It was sunny and hot e very day.I went to many different places with my mother,such as the Great Wall and the Palace Museum .We had some great specials.We had a good time there.

People in Beijing are very friendly.Many people are good at taking photos.They

took photos for me and my mother.I like the photo of me and my mother in the Great Wall .

I can not fet our photo in Beijing for ever.

3. 下面张图片是一个作文就是要漏喊写一篇英让搜唤语作文坦凯是关于,旅游之类的 Dear TomWele to China,a friendly country.I'd like to invite you to visit Guilin. Guilin is in the north of Guangxi. The population in the city of Guilin is more than six hundred thousand. There are famous and beautiful sceneries in Guilin.If you e to Guilin, you will know how clear the water is and how green the hills are. Every year many tourists e to Guilin for a visit. You can take a boat to see the scenes of the Li River. You can also visit the scenic spots in the city on free buses.You will enjoy yourself if you go to Guilin.Guilin is in the subtropical monsoon zone and has four distinctive seasons. The weather here is characterized by heavy humidity. Though Guilin is suitable for traveling all year round, and Li River has its beauty in all four seasons, the most popular time is from April till October.Spring is warm with some rain, building up towards May and June, the wettest months. On rainy days, the rivers, pinnacles and the city itself are shrouded in mist, which is especially enchanting.Summer in Guilin is hot and humid, but the beauty to be found out doors is quite adequate pensation.Autumn is beautiful as the weather cools. The terraced fields of Longsheng are wonderfully golden in the harvest season at the end of September or beginning of October.Winter is cold and moist, especially in January, but can still be very pleasant when the sun is out. It snows occasionally. Winter is the low season so Guilin is lecrowded and it is cheaper to travel.Yours FaithfullyLiHua。

4. 关于旅游的英语作文怎么写 TravelFrom the child to the firstfruits of journey, I carried my wisdom Backpack Travel in this way. Numerous times, I opened my wisdom backpack, holding a book Yan Ruyu kill the boring time trip.Memory crystal continuous blasting 。

。The first station, I e to the children's park. To memorate this full of pure happiness, I from the backpack. Andersen took out a fairy tale, seem to have hit the jackpot. In the ride to the train during childhood, this book gave me unlimited reverie, the train began slowly started, the first sight is a glittering Mermaid, thorn in my eye pain, also lost in admiration for the beautiful one, but a moment into a foam. No, it is for the pure love and the sublimation of the soul, and my heart more than a pity; I rubbed his eyes, train bang took me to the ugly duckling 's side, I feel very confused, but when I stand witness to the ugly duckling by his efforts eventually repair Zhengguo bee a superior Swan, I know to have their own dreams, let myself more confident 。

。 This train, enriched my children 's vision,Site to, I put the wrapped young childhood into the backpack, still continue to travelers.Second station, I arrived before the space shuttle. A black tornado provoked my curiosity, I fumbled in, suddenly, the array of black tornado was put me in Liangshan Park, I hasten to touch the body have a look have no injury, injury is not, but only got a mustache, walked over to the lake and illuminate, suddenly, saw a monk, round-headed, heavy. Holding one of his staff and a sword, was just about to unplug hang down willow. I really feel at a loss be all at sea, from the backpack and fished out a Water Margin, somehow he eat with appetite to read. All questions will open, I e to gather one hundred and eight Han Liangshan Park, just to see the flowers monk Lu Zhishen, and this arch-criminal is Li Kui 。

。 It is really funny, so my heart had a thirst for knowledge and reading interest, slowly, touch the world. Turn to the last page of the book, I with great care to cover up, ah sound, I returned to the reality, explore our new journey.Third station, didn't think I was sitting in the classroom. Wearing a black frame glasses, sat at the desk reading carefully the motto, down time, sail against the current of life, when I read this sentence, I began to ponder. Yes, time is fleeting, but I want to know in life saved, regardless of experience how many, still be stormy waters ahead. Just like me, have experienced spring flower fragrance and blossom of beautiful, also experienced the summer hot and winter cold, young face gradually bees mature, should begin to understand. To struggle for the ideal, for parents to struggle, struggle for yourself. Life is alive, can not make a career? Whenever I encountered a bottleneck, a motto let me a lifetime 。

。 The trip today e here, look back and look, is a book on me today.The journey of life is not so over it, the real journey starts now. I take up my wisdom backpack, looking for the source of life 。



5. 关于旅游的英语作文 Travels on Holidaysin China

Nowadays, more and more people like to travel in their holidays. The other day I read a report about the ways people spend their holidays. It is reported that in recent yiars several new holiday habits have been developed. Among them, the most interesting one is the growth of the so-called holiday camps.

From the report we can see that in 1990,40 percent of people stayed at home for holidays. But now the proportion has reduced to 9 percent. More people go out for fun. The proportion of camping and traveling abroad was increasing steadily, from 10 percent in 1990 to 38 percent in 2002, and 12 percent in 1990 to 26 percent in 2002 respectively. People enjoy the fresh air, clean Water and green hills when they go camping in the suburbs. In 1990,38 percent people enjoyed going to the seaside while in 2002 only 27 percent prefer to go there. What great changes!

Why did those changes appear? I think there are several reasons. First, it' s because people can afford traveling. Second, people prefer to pursue a high-quality and colorful life. Third, their attitudes to relaxation have changed. Less people want to save much money by leading a simple life. In short, people's living standard today has been rising greatly.






6. 写一篇有关旅游的英语作文 Regarding tour, most of people have great interests in it. It's a human nature that people who e from the dame nature just fall in love into the same. The modern city, strenuous living, riproaring and crowded living space make more and more people try to e to the dame nature with their light packs and travel bags. There is a song which just show people's the dream of traveling long distance. Traveling, of course,it's to get into the physical landscape which can help to give you a good temper, wash away the dust from your soul and make you cheer the nice life. Tour is not only a personal interest but also a kind of knowledge. A merry journey will be the memory that you can't fet through your lifetime. It's really at ease if you wander with o or three china pates who have a little exploratory energy to stay in the interesting places as long as you want but just ignore the unsightly places. It's not good to join the travel agency other wise we should call it gaining a superficial understanding through cursory observation but not traveling. Of course, we should study to choose a most towardly occasion for the most famous and beautiful scene in the places before we are going to. And we need enough money, enough time, special channel and also an economical plane, it's convenient for us. And we can save more time to view the blue sky generally and look out upon the cloud dancing freely outside the plane. It's also not bad to travel by train. Enjoy the scenery out of the train on the way, just look around here and there, maybe you can get some new friends in this narrow but long carriage. Certainly you'd better choose the different path when you return back from the place of interest so that you can make your eyes full of the landscape of interest on the way and never need to revisit the once familiar place. How far-flung and galland the rivers and mountains in our homeland are! There are still too many places we can go. Time is limited but the interest of traveling is limitless. We travel just because of our love knot to the natural mountains and rivers! 对于旅游,许多人都怀有浓厚的兴趣。

人从自然中来,崇尚自然,乃人类之天性。 现代都市,生活的高节奏,生存空间的喧嚣和拥挤,使越来越来的人背起行囊轻装走向自然,记得有一首歌《我想去桂林》,正很好地唱出了人们想去远游的愿望。

旅游,当然是到真正的山水中去,可以陶冶你的情操,荡涤心灵的尘埃,令你欢呼生命的美好。 旅游不单是一种兴趣,还是一门学问,快乐的旅途是你终生难忘的回忆。


要是有足够的钱,宽容的时间,路线也应讲究,经济许可的可坐飞机,便捷省时,一览碧空,看云儿在脚下自由自在的飘舞; 坐火车呢,那也不俗,沿途景致,这边看看那边望望,说不定在车上还能交上朋友呢!当然来回路线最好不要一样,这样可把沿途的山水名胜游个饱,将来也不用再到这一片热土作重游之想了。我们的祖国啊河山辽阔壮丽,要去的地方多着呢。


7. 关于旅游的英语作文一篇 题目是要议论旅游这个事情还是要讲一次旅游经历呢既然没有写明,两份都供给你词汇量不大,应该不难懂【关于旅游】It is exciting to visit different places. As you travel, you will see beautiful sceneries typical of the region. Besides, you can meet and make friends with people of different colors and races. Finally, you can get to know the customs and living habits of the local people. Today people are so fond of travelling that touri *** has bee one of the faster growing industries in most countries. The main reason why people travel is, perhaps, for pleasure. For example, having worked hard throughout the weekdays, people will find a widened trip to the nearby mountains or beaches a real relaxation. For another example, spending an annual holiday travelling abroad is an especially satisfying experience for those who do not have much of an opportunity to be away from their homelands. When people return from their travel, they will generally feel fresh and energetic, ready to work harder. Travelling is also one of the best means for learning. You may have read or heard about something but you can never get an accurate picture of it until you see it for yourself. Seeing is believing. Furthermore, if you area careful observer, you can learn much during your travel about the geography, biology, and history of the places you visit. No matter how well educated you are, there is always a lot for you to learn through travelling. The knowledge acquired from travel, as you will have found in your life, is no less valuable than that from any influential reference book.【游记】I spend most of the time at home during this summer vacation. When I was at home, I do homework by myself, and help my parents with the housework. But the most memorable time in this summer is when I travel in Yellow River Forest Park.I went to visit the Yellow River Forest Park in July togeter with three of my clas *** ates.It was very boring when staying in the bus for a long time,which made me doze off all the time,and at some time,I nearly struck my head on the chair in the front of me. After three hours' journery by bus,we finally got to the park.But to my disappoint,there was nothing intresting here,which were quiet normal things.Compared with the my school I stayed in,here was very noisy and messy.Though the park is beside the Yellow River,the air is still a little *** elly because there are a lot of animals such as horses,cocks and so on here,which make lots of wastes every day while few people clean them.In a word,the park is not so good as I had expected,and I felt unsatisfied about it.希望回答对你有帮助。

8. 给我一篇英文作文写旅游的 My Summer Trip

I went to three cities to play during last summer holidays. They are Beijing, Dalian and HuHehot.

I went to Beijing more than eight times. Beijing is the capital of China. It's a big city. I am very familiar with Beijing. It takes an hour and forty minutes from Nantong to Beijing by plane. There are many tall buildings in Beijing. It's a modern city. My family visited the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Palace Museum, the Beihai Park, the Space Museum, etc. I went to the countryside of Beijing to go boating and fishing. It was very interesting. I went shopping in WangFuJing. I bought lots of souvenirs and other things. I like eating Beijing snacks. They are delicious. Don't miss the Beijing Duck. It is really nice.

Dalian is a beautiful city. Dalian is close to Beijing. I spent 5o minutes on the plane. Dalian is near the sea. I *** elled the salty taste in the air. The roads are clean. There are lots of trees and flowers near the roads. There are many esplanades and Japanese buildings. There are some fountains in one of the esplanades. Some people flew kites and walked on the esplanades. We went to see the beach and the sea. The sea is blue. There were many swimmers in the sea. I lay on the beach to see the sky.Dalian is a very nice place to live.

Huhehot is in Inner Mongol. There are lots of large grasslands. The grasslands are endless. The sky is bright blue. There were a lot of horses and sheep. They were running or eating grass. I rode a horse on the grass land. I picked some colourful flowers. We drank the tea with milk. There is a *** all desert, it was very hot when I walked on it. The sand could sing.

These trips helped me open my eyes. I enjoyed my day.

9. 旅行的英语作文怎么写须带翻译的 think most people like traveling because they can feel the beauty of the nature and breathe the fresh air at the same time. What's more they can make friends. But there are some disadvantages of travelling, such as, the weather may change quickly and you may be wet in the rain. So my suggestion is that before you travel, you should listen to the weather report and get to know about the weather and you'd better travel with others so that you are not into trouble. 我认为大多数人都喜欢旅游,因为他们可以感受到大自然的美丽,呼吸新鲜的空气在同一时间。



10. 用英文写一篇关于旅游的作文 once i went to Tai mountain which is so high that it goes up to the heaven. it took me a long time to climb. even so i hadn't reach the peak,which is my greatest pity, the view is also amaising from the halfway of the hill. it's like a match-box ilke it very much for it's interesting. i decide to go there as long as i am free.。